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a modern renaissance woman in action

Leigh Ann Parrish teaching a mask making workshop at the Asheville Art Museum


Leigh Ann Parrish

Hi!  I'm Leigh Ann Parrish, artist, photographer, educator, adventurer, lover, North Carolinian, and dog mom. I've been an artist all my life. I graduated from Appalachian State University in 2004 with BS in Technology concentrated in Photography and Business.  I received my MFA from Western Carolina University in 2015. My partner in art and life is my amazing husband, Kevin Freeman (@kevinfreeman1977). Kevin was also a chef for over 25 years, and he is an amazing musician playing bass, cello, fiddle, mandolin, and guitar.  He is also trained in Music Production and Industry Practices. We also love serving Southern Style Pig Pickings.

We are modern day Renaissance artists, with vast knowledge,

curiosity, and expertise in the following areas:


Metalwork & Welding

Wirework & Soldering

Art Curation

Jewelry Making

Collage and Mixed Media


Multi-Sensory Experiences

Video Production

Web Design

Sewing & Cloth Manipulation/Repair

Performance & Happenings

Teaching & Workshops

Project Management

Painting and Murals

Makeup and Costumes

Food and Natural Materials

Cooking & Safe Serving

My work is constantly shifting and flowing as I embrace new technology and mediums that
express my ideas. As an Installation Artist my practice often incorporates connections to all five
senses as a way of solidifying the experiences in the memory of the viewer.

Much of my work relates to time, memory, interaction, the body, and relationships. One of the primary mediums in my work is tea, used as a universal connection point for many people around the world, it is intended to create a sense of closeness and shared experience. My mediums are often dictated by the content of the work, and the chosen material is a reflection of the concept, not just a tool used to create the art, but to be seen as part of the idea and message behind the work.

I often incorporate dreams or other layered, fleeting concepts like memory that are often difficult to explain or convey. I use layers, veils, overlapping, marking, and other methods to
create confusion, loss, or blur as a way of embracing these themes. Installations allow me to
use any material to communicate with my audience and I greatly enjoy the freedom, fun, discovery, and challenges that come with new methods and materials. While I do build on ideas
and create series' of work at times, most of the time each piece is different as I am constantly challenging myself to try new processes and learn new skills.

I hope to provide moments of remembering and a place and time to digest the past, present,
and future through my art.


"A life of making isn't a series of shows, or projects, or productions, or things: it is an everyday practice."

-Ann Hamilton


Boone, NC


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